Squad Busters released with 5.3 million downloads in 24 hours

Squad Busters, the latest game from Supercell, is now available for download worldwide. This isometric battle royale game features the beloved heroes from Supercell’s other games, adding a unique twist to the gameplay.
Squad Busters from Brawl Stars developers has been released

The launch of Squad Busters was accompanied by a fun trailer with live actors, in which Hollywood stars play some characters from Supercell games. Chris Hemsworth is the barbarian from Clash Royale, Christina Ricci is the witch, Ken Jeong is the chicken from Hay Day, Will Arnett is the lumberjack Greg, and Aulia Cravalho is Shelley from Brawl Stars.

According to the analytical platform AppMagic, after a day, the game already has 5.3 million downloads, 90% of which were on Android devices. In its time, Brawl Stars at the time of release earned 695 thousand downloads in a month, which did not prevent it from becoming the favorite game of many players.

It combines 43 characters and 156 NPCs from Hay Day, Brawl Stars, Boom Beach, and Clash of Clans. In Squad Busters, there will be no attack button. Instead, Supercell added automatic shooting and a joystick for movement. And to attack, you have to stop moving, just like in mobile roguelikes.

The core mechanics of the novelty works like this:

  • The player enters a large arena
  • There are 2 types of resources in the arena – gold and emeralds
  • Gold is spent on buying fighters in the arena (the more fighters, the stronger the squad; 3 identical fighters are united into one giant)
  • Emeralds are the primary condition of victory; the one who has collected the most emeralds is the winner
  • Both resources are collected by killing creeps and destroying objects on the map (as well as from other players’ characters)
  • Attack and squad interactions are automatic
  • The player can only control the items’ movement, acceleration, and activation

The project is very dynamic. Matches last less than 3 minutes. The interface and, in general, many visual solutions are borrowed from Brawl Stars, the previous Supercell game.

Exciting Squad Busters released with 5.3 million downloads in 24 hours!

The game was announced in January 2023. Since February last year, it has been actively “worked on” in closed beta tests on Canada, Spain, and Mexico territories. The official soft launch game hit on April 23, 2024. Almost immediately, the company said the game would be in it for a short time, just a month.

Exciting Squad Busters released with 5.3 million downloads in 24 hours!
As of this writing, the game has $1.5 million in revenue and 5.3 million downloads

Supercell sets high expectations for Squad Busters, and the numbers speak for themselves. The game garnered a staggering 30 million pre-registrations by May 14. During the soft launch, over 5 million users downloaded the game, generating a revenue of 1.5 million dollars. This is just the beginning of Squad Busters’ potential.

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