Multiple stolen indie games were sold on GameStop’s NFT marketplace

Unauthorized copies of indie games were sold on the NFT marketplace.

GameStop’s NFT marketplace was once again used for ill purposes, this time for unauthorized sales of indie video games. Not too long ago, the marketplace has seen an NFT version of a 9/11 victim falling from the skyscraper, and the retailer was heavily criticized for not moderating its marketplace properly.

Per the news coming from ArsTechnica and PC Gamer, a seller named Nathan Ello released a collection dubbed “NiFTy Arcade” on the GameStop NFT Marketplace, which included a number of indie games that he didn’t have permission to distribute. Ello earned nearly 8.4 ETH —worth about $14,000— before GameStop pulled the plug on his account and froze it.

Ello talked to ArsTechnica, and claimed that he’ll offer compensation to the developers affected by his NiFTY Arcade sale, and released the collection on other NFT marketplaces. He also ensured that the following project will be in proper compliance with the rules of the marketplace.

The NFT versions of the indie games that were sold are now available to the buyers, regardless of the suspension GameStop enforced. This means the developers behind these games can only be compensated if Ello keeps his promise as GameStop failed to keep its market well-moderated yet again.

NFTs continue to grow despite all the setbacks, but some major digital vendors like Tencent’s NFT platform Huanhe closed shop in less than a year. Some video game companies like Minecraft are also taking a hard stance against NFTs for the time being.

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