Next phase in hyper-casual gaming – MBC 2022

Alaz Dağlar Keyvanklıoğlu, VP of Business and Strategy for Alictus, held a session at Mobidictum Business Conference and summarized hyper-casual’s future.
A headshot of Alictus' Alaz Daglar Keyvanklioglu

Vice President of Business and Strategy for Alictus, Alaz Dağlar Keyvanklıoğlu, attended Mobidictum Business Conference and held a session about the future of hyper-casual.

After a quick introduction about himself and Alictus, Keyvanklıoğlu moved on to the main points of his presentation:

  • A retrospective about casual and hyper-casual evolution.
  • A quick look at the hyper-casual industry today.
  • The evolution of hyper-casual over time.

The experienced VP stated that while hyper-casual saw essential changes in its business model, the product foundation remained practically the same. The simplicity of the game, the user interface, and short gameplay sessions are still the core focus of the hyper-casual genre. Technological improvements, audience reach, and different methods of user monetization have altered business models.

Keyvanklıoğlu briefly talked about the retrospective of hyper-casual business models before moving on to the current situation of the hyper-casual industry. Three challenges were determined for the industry today: the dispersion of COVID-19 affecting player counts, global economic recession, and the effects of ATT, especially on Android.

The presentation continued with the key components of the casual-hyper construct. Keyvanklıoğlu identified high marketability and a catchy core to be the core competencies of the hyper-casual genre. He then presented two more pillars to complete a cycle of rapid prototyping and production: design layers and metagame for engagement purposes and live ops, along with life cycle management.

Alictus VP finished his presentation by introducing the company’s business model with Alictus’ parent company, SciPlay. You can reach the complete session along with more relevant content by clicking the button below.

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