Nintendo to acquire Dynamo Pictures and plans to rename it Nintendo Pictures

Nintendo announced that it would acquire the CG animation company Dynamo Pictures and change its name to Nintendo Pictures.
Mario, MegaMan, Link, Ash, and other Nintendo characters

Nintendo announced in a press release that it would acquire the animation company called Dynamo Pictures and change its name to Nintendo Pictures.

Founded in 2004 as Studio Dynamo, the company later split and renamed Dynamo Pictures in 2011, contributing to the development of Project M. Project M is the name of the Metroid: Other M before it was released.

Three names from Dynamo Pictures took part in Metroid: Other M. Youko Nishikimi and Godai Takanishi served as designers, while Munetaka Kurosaki supported the team as directors.

The press release states that Nintendo will acquire 100% of the shares owned by Dynamo Pictures, and these conditions will be met by October 3, 2022. It has been said that Nintendo’s purpose in purchasing this company is to strengthen the planning and production structure of visual content in the Nintendo group.

It also states that the acquisition will have a minor impact on Nintendo’s financial results this year. This acquisition is the new Super Mario Bros., which Nintendo is working on. The fact that it happened while the film was being prepared was intriguing. The movie will be released next year and star Chris Pratt in the starring role.

To access all the projects that Dynamo Pictures has contributed to, you can go to their website by clicking here. The company is known to contribute to the Resident Evil project on Netflix, as well as anime series such as Ghost in the Shell, Dragon Ball Super, Back Arrow.

Fire Emblem Heroes, a game of the RPG genre that has been popular in the Asian market in the past weeks and developed by Nintendo, became the first Nintendo mobile game to exceed the $ 1 billion player spending threshold. Nintendo, one of the rare companies not affected by the global recession, seems to aim to secure the company’s roots for bad times with this acquisition.

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We are in an exciting time when production companies are making games, and game companies are rolling up their sleeves for production. Netflix’s forays into the game industry are remarkably aggressive. The games published by the company reached 13 million downloads in total.

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With this purchase, fans want Nintendo to focus on the new movie and animated series. It is a matter of curiosity what kind of projects Nintendo, one of the best companies that know how to use the franchise it has, will announce in the future.

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