Opera partners with Alteon to ease blockchain uploads and NFT creation

The partnership between Alteon and Opera will bridge the tech gap between traditional and Web3 creator economies.
Alteon and Opera Crypto logos over a light grey background

Multi-platform Web3 browser Opera Crypto has announced a partnership with Alteon to create an ecosystem named Alteon LaunchPad, where creators can easily upload media to a blockchain and create NFTs. Alteon LaunchPad is described as an “All-in-one ecosystem for content creators whose mission is to democratize the creative process.”

The duo aims to make transactions easier for the traditional Web2 user, as Alteon LaunchPad will reportedly allow instant NFT minting with only a drag-and-drop motion. After the media file is introduced into Opera Crypto, a simple smart contract will automatically be written and uploaded to the blockchain, making NFTs much more accessible to the uninitiated.

Susie Batt, Crypto Ecosystem Lead at Opera, made some comments about the partnership:

“Opera Crypto Browser is all about exploring Web3 privately and securely. We are giving users the opportunity to contribute freely to this ecosystem. Now, our users will be able to create NFTs instantly and simply with no platform usage fees, encouraging more people to explore the burgeoning NFT industry.”

Co-Founder of Alteon, Matt Cimaglia, also added thoughts and feelings:

“At Alteon, our goal is to level the playing field for content creators of all backgrounds by building an ecosystem of world-class tools accessible to everyone. Our partnership with Opera bridges the tech gap between traditional creatives and the Web3 creator economy, so anyone can benefit from the opportunities that blockchain technologies offer. With Alteon LaunchPad, we are capturing the feelings of exploration and curiosity that are fueling the new digital world.”

Alteon has assured users that the automated smart contracts will give full legal rights to the uploader, protecting the privacy and true ownership principles of Web3 media. Creators will be able to take full advantage of the NFTs by sharing them with anyone they like or selling them on private marketplaces, along with storing them in an Opera Crypto Wallet built into the browser.

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