The Rise of Outfit7: From Slovenia to 23 Billion Downloads Worldwide

The Slovenian-based game development studio Outfit7 has positioned itself as one of the leading companies in the mobile gaming sector. Still, it has also taken the world by storm with the Talking Tom franchise.
The Rise of Outfit7: From Slovenia to 23 Billion Downloads Worldwide
The Rise of Outfit7: From Slovenia to 23 Billion Downloads Worldwide

The first app to be released was the Talking Tom app in 2010, which was soon to become a virtual pet with millions of fans across the globe. Outfit7 games have been downloaded more than 23 billion times, showing the company’s international appeal and success, making it one of the leading mobile game developers in the world.

The popularity of Talking Tom and other related applications such as Talking Angela, Talking Hank, and Talking Ben is due to the firm’s focus on developing high-quality and fun products. The Talking Tom & Friends franchise has grown from mobile games to an animated series watched by millions more, which also cemented the brand in other entertainment mediums.

The Rise of Outfit7: From Slovenia to 12 Billion Downloads Worldwide
Plush versions of the Talking Tom game characters

The company has a team of over 400 experts, so its games are constantly updated to meet the current trends in the market. For instance, in their game ‘Talking Tom Gold Run,’ they devised a new idea of the endless runner in which the roles are reversed, and the players must chase the robber to get their gold back. 

This creative approach to combining simple controls with stunning graphics and memorable characters became a benchmark many strive to meet. Their games are always at the top of the app stores, proving their capacity to attract and engage millions of users.

Concerning the financial results, it is possible to mention that Outfit7 has experienced impressive growth and reached an annual revenue of more than $100 million, focusing mainly on in-app purchases and advertising. The ability to generate revenues from its games demonstrates that the business model is robust and the strategies employed by the company are sound. Therefore, not only has Outfit7 ensured high-quality and innovative content that attracts users, but it has also secured highly profitable partnerships and sponsorships.​

Apart from the Talking Tom franchise, Outfit7 has proved itself as a company with diverse potential and the ability to create new games in the field of mobile gaming through other popular games like Talking Tom Gold Run, My Talking Tom Friends, and Talking Tom Hero Dash. These games further develop the entertaining world of Talking Tom and provide new experiences and play opportunities for users of all ages. This diverse portfolio demonstrates their versatility, ability to identify and respond to market trends and appeal to a diverse audience, a clear sign of creativity and flexibility.

The Rise of Outfit7: From Slovenia to 12 Billion Downloads Worldwide
Talking Tom

Outfit7 has also incorporated advanced technologies to improve user experience. For example, they have integrated augmented reality (AR) aspects into games such as My Talking Tom. This technology allows users to play more realistic and fun games in which their favorite characters are brought to life. This progressive strategy keeps Outfit7 in the vanguard of the game developer industry​.

The company’s global presence and effective service delivery provide a unique visibility platform. Outfit7 has been noted for its commitment to quality and developing new and exciting products. This third-party validation makes Outfit7 an ideal partner for those looking to influence the mobile gaming industry significantly​​.

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