Pikmin 4’s sales surpass all the previous titles combined

Pikmin 4 has been launched in Japan, and the sales numbers are impressive. The sales of the final piece of the series have surpassed all the previous titles combined in the first week of its release in Japan.
pikmin 4 title image.

Created by Shigeru Miyamoto and published by Nintendo, Pikmin is a real-time puzzle and strategy game where the player directs plant-like creatures to avoid harm, destroy obstacles, fight fauna, and collect items. The final release in the series is Pikmin 4. The game has sold more than 400.000 boxed copies in the first week of its release. This number is higher than the sales of all three games combined, which roughly amounts to 356.000.

Nintendo has yet to release any data on the game’s sales, but considering these are just the boxed copy sales and only in Japan, it becomes clear that the final release of this niche series has made a strong start. The title made it into the top charts of other countries; therefore, it’s safe to assume that sales are going well in other countries too. This looks like Nintendo’s plan of pushing the game harder than any other previous entries in the series has paid off.

Pikmin has spin-offs, but it’s been around ten years since the last main title was released, and reviews and scores of the game are impressive. Most reviews are positive, addressing to the game’s fun and delightful aspect, its humorous and charming nature. For example, the game’s Metascore is 88, and the user score is 9.8 on Metacritic. These factors seem to indicate that the success of the sales will go on for a while too. But of course, a more accurate evaluation will be possible, with Nintendo revealing the worldwide sales numbers of the title.

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