Pitch Legends, the football card battle game, has been released

Pitch Legends, an immersive football card battle game, invites players to unleash their strategic prowess in an alternate football universe centered around Ancient Rome.

Pitch Legends offers a captivating storyline exploring the sport’s origins by transporting players to an era where football originated in Ancient Rome. As managers, players embark on a journey through this alternate reality, managing football teams in the heart of the Roman Empire’s glory.

With a diverse deck of player cards, managers craft dream teams and engage in multifaceted tactical battles. Central to the game is the assembly of a dream team using a diverse array of player cards. Managers strategically select and organize their decks, from legendary goalkeepers to agile strikers, to align with their preferred playing style.

Pitch Legends challenges players to master multifaceted football strategy beyond traditional card battles. Success hinges on expertise in team formation, mathematical maneuvering, and tactical precision, accommodating various playing styles and fostering creativity.

The game offers a range of awards and objectives, encouraging players to complete tasks for valuable rewards. Beta testers receive exclusive rewards, including a 3-pack of gold cards, as a token of appreciation. Pitch Legends provides premium early access for those eager to dive into the action early, offering a competitive edge and an immersive gaming experience. Beyond gameplay, players can connect, share strategies, and engage in friendly competition, enhancing the gaming experience and fostering camaraderie.

Pitch Legends combines rich narrative, strategic depth, and diverse gameplay. Football fans and strategy gamers alike are invited to join the ranks of football legends, build dream teams, and conquer the arenas in Pitch Legends.

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