Recon Labs partners with Shutterstock to develop high-quality 3D assets

RECON Labs partners with Shutterstock to develop AI models leveraging Shutterstock’s assets for enhanced 3D content creation and to provide creators with high-quality 3D assets for applications like games and extended reality.
recon labs and shutterstock logos together.

RECON Labs is a technology company specializing in advancements in 3D content creation and generative AI. Shutterstock is one of the leading creative platforms, if not the leading, with a massive archive of stock photographs, 2D and 3D images, and assets. The partnership aims to advance the development of AI models, leveraging Shutterstock’s huge 2D/3D asset database, and involves creating and providing 3D assets intended for publication on Shutterstock’s platform, TurboSquid.

Dade Orgeron, Vice President of Innovation at Shutterstock/TurboSquid, commented:

“We’re incredibly excited about our collaboration with RECON Labs as we expand our research and development efforts further into innovative AI technologies. As with generative AI, NeRF technology promises to open the doors for a wider audience of 3D content production, democratizing 3D creation and empowering creators of all backgrounds to help build the virtual worlds of the future.”

Using RECON Labs’ 3D creation solution, 3Dpresso, creators can generate high-resolution, photorealistic 3D assets from various sources like 2D videos, text prompts, and sketches, utilizing generative AI technology.

The outputs produced by 3Dpresso, using Shutterstock’s ethically sourced assets, will be accessible through Shutterstock’s platform, TurboSquid. This arrangement offers a convenient and efficient resource pool for games, the metaverse, and extended reality applications.

Seonghoon Ban, CEO of RECON Labs, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration:

“We are thrilled to join forces with Shutterstock in this groundbreaking collaboration. We believe that the integration of NeRF technology into Shutterstock’s platform will usher in a new era of 3D content creation and open up endless possibilities for artists and creators worldwide. This partnership exemplifies our shared commitment to pushing the boundaries of creative technology and empowering the creative community.”

Shutterstock had previously announced a collaboration with NVIDIA to develop AI foundation models for generative 3D artist tools. This collaboration aims to utilize generative AI models trained with Shutterstock assets using NVIDIA Picasso generative AI cloud services to swiftly convert text prompts into high-fidelity 3D content for industrial digital twins, entertainment, and gaming.

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