Zynga’s subsidiary Rollic collaborates with Power Slap to launch a game with the same name

Rollic partners with Power Slap to unveil a mobile game experience. Guided by Dana White, players train, fight opponents, and vie for titles in the immersive Power Slap virtual world.
rollic's power slap title image.

Based in Istanbul, Zynga’s subsidiary, Rollic, boasts a strong presence in the mobile game industry, with numerous chart-topping titles and a dedication to engaging players through live events and updates that align with current trends. Rollic has joined forces with Power Slap, the world’s first regulated slap-fighting promotion led by Dana White, to introduce a new mobile game named Power Slap. The game, available on iOS and Android, coincides with Power Slap 4: Hintz vs. Turpin, offering players a chance to engage in virtual slap fights guided by Dana White.

Released with Power Slap’s live event, Power Slap 4, the game enables users to train, enhance their skills, and progress in their virtual slap-fighting careers. With Dana White mentoring, players take on opponents and aim to secure titles. The game offers diverse career and training modes, live events, custom avatars, or the option to play as renowned Power Slap champions.

Frank Lamicella, President of Power Slap, commended the collaborative effort, anticipating that the game will contribute to the sport’s growth. Narrated by Dana White, the game introduces four Power Slap Athletes at launch, with additional updates planned to introduce more athletes soon.

Rollic’s CEO, Burak Vardal, emphasized the company’s innovative approach to incorporating social and digital trends into gaming. The collaboration aims to bring the social media phenomenon of slap-fighting to a global player base, leveraging Zynga’s expertise in game launches.

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