Rush Royale passed 63 million installs

In June, the game achieved new records, recording 1.14 million Daily Active Users (DAU) and more than 6 million Monthly Active Users (MAU).
The game’s recent collaboration with Jake Paul, released at the end of May.

Rush Royale, the leading game in the Tower Defense Strategy genre, has achieved significant milestones since its 2020 launch. According to, the game from MY.GAMES has now been installed over 63 million times and has generated more than $230 million in revenue. In June, Rush Royale set new records with 1.14 million Daily Active Users (DAU) and over 6 million Monthly Active Users (MAU).

A recent collaboration with internet sensation Jake Paul has driven player engagement to unprecedented levels. Launched at the end of May, the campaign saw 76,000 concurrent users on the first day and a more than 20% increase in DAU in the US, the game’s largest market.

The two-month-long Jake Paul campaign kicked off with the Champion Rumble event, offering players the chance to earn event tokens for rewards. The main prize was fragments to upgrade to a new epic hero, Jake Paul. This hero will be available to earn until July 29th and will remain in players’ collections if obtained. So far, 1.5 million players have acquired the Jake Paul hero, with 73 million fights recorded since the campaign’s start.

Vladimir Nikolsky, CEO of MY.GAMES commented on the success:

“The mobile gaming industry has evolved by adopting community-building and regular content updates common in PC games. Leveraging our experience in PC titles, MY.GAMES is applying these strategies to mobile games, fostering strong brands and engaging experiences.

Our marketing campaigns, which involve influencers, are designed to engage fans actively. Rush Royale’s performance confirms our strategic direction is resonating with players, particularly at a time when capturing attention is more challenging than ever.”

Rush Royale is a PvP mobile game where players defend a castle from enemy waves using unique heroes from a deck of cards, each with distinct abilities. Players can collect and combine cards to enhance their heroes for PvE and PvP battles.

Rush Royale is available on both Android and iOS platforms, with the Jake Paul event continuing until July 29th.

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