Save the planet with Climate Protesters Simulator

Climate Protesters Simulator is a sandbox game that donates one euro to climate protection organizations for each download of the paid app.

Climate Protesters Simulator lets you explore the big city while causing accidents and traffic jams of all kinds by sticking yourself to the roads. Roam the city with your fellow climate change activists and find the best spots for your sticky protests. Wait as longer and longer traffic jams develop and enjoy the sight of your questionable contribution to the climate!

As you stick yourself to the road with your climate activist friends, you will face impatient drivers who are willing to take risks. Dodge those drivers and find optimal spots to stick to the road. You can also interact with your environment and different vehicle types. Climate Protesters Simulator is both a sandbox and idle game that donates one euro for each download of the paid app.

It is important to note that the developer does not endorse any form of road violence.
This game is about having fun and exploring an issue that affects us all. And unlike so many actions that we can follow in the media, it shall make a real contribution to the climate by donating part of the proceeds.” says the developer of Climate Protesters Simulator.

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