Sketchfab joins Epic Games’ family

Epic Games announced that it has acquired 3D modeling platform Sketchfab.
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Epic Games announced that it has acquired the 3D modeling platform Sketchfab. Epic Games has not yet disclosed the terms of the deal. With this agreement, Sketchfab will continue to operate as a separate brand and offering. You can find the press release published by Epic Games, which includes the details of the agreement, below.

Details of the Epic Games and Sketchfab deal

We are excited to announce that Sketchfab has joined the Epic Games family.

Sketchfab makes it easy to discover, edit, buy and sell 3D content directly through its web-based services and is home to 4 million 3D assets. Their technologies have integrations in every major 3D rendering tool and publishing platform and are compatible with all major browsers and operating systems on both desktop and mobile devices. By joining forces, Epic and Sketchfab will be able to make 3D, AR, and VR content more accessible and grow the creator ecosystem critical to an open and interconnected Metaverse.

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Sketchfab joins Epic Games’ family

Going forward, we will continue to enable all integrations with Sketchfab’s technology and ensure that the company’s offerings remain compatible with each of the different tools and platforms they support. This includes supporting Unity and other engines as well. Sketchfab will continue to operate as an independently branded service while collaborating closely with the Unreal Engine team.

As part of our shared goal of making Sketchfab’s offerings more profitable for creators, we will reduce Sketchfab’s store fees to 12% so that 3D creators get even more value when using Sketchfab.

Marc Petit, Vice President and General Manager of Unreal Engine, said:

“The Sketchfab team has done an incredible job opening up the world of 3D content on the web and enabling anyone to edit and publish content online. As the adoption of real-time 3D technology continues to grow, demand for web-based solutions will only increase. We are excited to work together with the Sketchfab team to empower even more creators.

Sketchfab CEO and Co-Founder Alban Denoyel made the following comments:

“We built Sketchfab with a mission to empower a new era of creativity and provide a service for creators to showcase their work online and make 3D content accessible. Joining Epic will enable us to accelerate the development of Sketchfab and our powerful online toolset, all while providing an even greater experience for creators. We are proud to work alongside Epic to build the Metaverse and enable creators to take their work even further.”

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