Skullcandy celebrates the 40th anniversary of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Limited-edition collaboration reimagines push active true wireless earbuds and PLYR Multi-Platform wireless gaming headset for the ultimate crime-fighting playlists.

Skullcandy today announced a collaboration with the iconic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise. The Skullcandy x TMNT Push Active True Wireless Earbuds and Skullcandy x TMNT PLYR Multi-Platform Wireless Gaming Headset celebrate the fan-favorite franchise ahead of its 40th anniversary.

Inspired by the toxic green ooze that transformed the turtles into crime-fighting heroes, the collection features state-of-the-art audio technology and is dripping with nods to the beloved characters.

“With nods to skate culture, gaming, and killer soundtracks, the TMNT franchise shares a lot of core elements with the Skullcandy brand,” said Justin Regan, VP of Marketing at Skullcandy. “We wanted to pay tribute to the fandom by redesigning our Push Active earbuds and PLYR headset to ooze nostalgia for the beloved characters. With this exclusive drop, we hope fans new and old will cue the theme song, bring out the pizza, and celebrate the fearless foursome.”

The exclusive design features transparent and glow-in-the-dark elements. TCRI Mutagen Ooze is poured all over Push Active, while PLYR features turtle-shell earcups, a manhole cover inside the ear cushion, a radioactive headband, and a pepperoni pizza boom mic. With custom, interchangeable ear gel and suspension headband colorways, fans can rep their favorite reptile–red for Raph’s direct attack, purple for Don’s calculated strategy, orange for Mikey’s controlled chaos, or blue if you’re ready to lead the Turtles like Leo.

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