Snapchat Username Change


We touched on the issue of changing the username that Snapchat users are very curious about.

The issue of changing the Snapchat username can be a problem for Snapchat users from time to time. One of the most curious topics of Snapchat, founded by Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy in the early 2010s, is how the username will change. If you have a Snapchat account that you want to stop using and then return again, but you don’t like the username and want to change it, what you need to do is quite simple.

Snapchat Name Change

You can change your name on Snapchat as you wish. To change a name on Snapchat, you need to:

  • To change the name, tap the cog-shaped Settings icon located at the top right of the Snapchat screen.
  • Select your namespace from the section that opens.
  • Then you can change your name from this section as you wish.
There is no such thing as changing a username in Snapchat.

Can Snapchat username be changed?

The Snapchat username section is also located under the My Account option in the Settings menu. However, we have to say that there is no such thing as changing Snapchat username. The usernames placed by the users during the registration phase without attention can not be changed in the future, which frustrates the users. If your username in your previously opened Snapchat account is currently bothering you, the right thing to do is to open a new Snapchat account.

If you have decided to open a new Snapchat account and do not want to have many Snapchat accounts but want to delete your current account, we have also explained how to delete the Snapchat account.

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