Social advertising still plays a key role in video game publishing

Sensor Tower takes Voodoo’s weekly ad spending in the UK as an example case.
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It’s no secret that social media channels are extremely useful for acquiring new users or convincing existing players to return. However, with new user acquisition channels and methods regularly popping up, the benefits of social media advertising have been a topic of discussion lately.

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After all, not too long ago social channels were new and were considered “experimental” for gaining new users, and nowadays, they’re taken as a traditional approach. Having said all that, social media channels are still extremely beneficial for mobile game publishers, and Sensor Tower backs this up with a recent study on advertiser spending in the UK. Of course, the UK alone isn’t a convincing case, but it’s factual and thorough.

Per Sensor Tower’s reliable data, gaming advertisers in the UK expended nearly 53% of their total ad spending on social media channels between May to August. The data provider makes a convincing case by sharing Voodoo’s ad spending —with approximate numbers, of course— during this four-month period.

Voodoo Weekly Add Spending graph for May to August 2022

Sensor Tower says Voodoo’s ad spending was focused mainly on TikTok and Snapchat, and paying little attention to Instagram. The data provider acknowledges Voodoo as a top-tier hyper-casual publisher (rightly so, if Mobidictum may add), and believes that other hyper-casual publishers can find more success if they base their ad spending strategy on these two social channels.

Keep in mind that this is a region-specific study and user behavior can change drastically depending on a high number of variables.

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