SocialPeta will discuss what awaits mobile game marketers in 2023

The dynamics of the global game industry are changing, so mobile game marketers must adapt to be effective. This SocialPeta webinar covers what mobile game marketers can expect from 2023 and how they can adapt.

Advertisement creative spy and analysis platform SocialPeta is organizing a webinar to analyze the trends, updates, and predictions for the mobile game industry in 2023. Titled “Mobile game growth: user LTV, ad networks and creatives“, The webinar will be available on January 31st, 2:00 PM GMT+3. Valuable professionals from the industry will discuss their analyses and predictions at this event.

The mobile game industry remains the most profitable in the game industry. But gamers are changing. To keep up with them, game developers and publishers change too. This constant feedback loop of change creates a ripple effect where the product, its audience, and marketing have to change. This puts mobile game marketers in a unique position where they must be vigilant, determine the changes and formulate strategies to adapt.

Based on Newzoo’s data, the mobile game market was approximately $92.2 billion in 2022. While it’s still the most profitable sub-sector in the game industry, the competition is growing, and it’s becoming harder for marketers to reach the right audience. Therefore in collaboration with TikTok, Gamester Kids, and AppNava, SocialPeta holds this panel to guide marketers.

  • Tips for scaling target audiences and driving downloads
  • 2023 predictions for the mobile game industry
  • Case study: how to leverage prediction models to power growth
  • Creative insights to boost campaign performance

Valuable panelists will be present at the event like Tunahan Oduncu, Business Development Manager at SocialPeta; Ashish Shinde Director of Sales and Business Development at SocialPeta; Damla Dokuzoglu CEO and Co-Founder of AppNava; Volkan Taban, Co-Founder, Marketing at Gamester Kids; Lamees Ouzon, Partnership Manager Apps and Gaming at TikTok.

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