Star Atlas released new DAO and marketplace updates for a better Web3 experience

Star Atlas has gone through specific updates to improve the user experience. Star Atlas made these updates to the DAO and marketplace with the community listening.
Star Atlas DAO
Star Atlas has made certain updates to its DAO and marketplace sections.

Star Atlas, which develops a spaceship battle game with NFTs, is releasing new DAO and blockchain-based updates to increase the decentralization and user ownership in the game, according to GamesBeat. In addition to the game, which will be developed using Unreal Engine 5, the company is also working on a turn-based web strategy game.

Michael Wagner, one of the lead developers of Star Atlas and the CEO of the company, gave the following statements to GamesBeat on the subject:

“We’re building the hyper immersive, Unreal Engine 5-based space exploration MMO and that has a very long product development cycle. But we are rolling out pieces of that over time so that our community and our users can interact and engage with that regularly with enhancements over time. And then we’re also building a web-based version of this game. It’s really a standalone title. At this point, the first version of this will be really about territory control, with the three different factions fighting for control over space stations and star bases. It’s about expanding their regions and capturing more resources.”

Star Atlas also has a new marketplace called the Galactic Marketplace. Wanting to create a more direct and user-focused experience, the team worked with the community to make specific updates to the marketplace.

The company’s long-term goal is autonomous, player-owned, and decentralized management. You can find the game’s entire long-term vision in the Star Atlas DAO, but to summarize, the Star Atlas DAO ecosystem will be designed as a multi-layered platform consisting of guilds and sub-DAOs. In addition, Star Atlas DAO will be responsible for regulating and managing monetary policy, treasury management, and the welfare system. You can find more detailed information on how the system will work by clicking here.

When you enter the company’s web address, you will be greeted with an experienced screen. Based on the information given on this screen, you can learn that the game will have 27th-century technology spaceships, and there will be three factions: MUD Territory, Ustur Sector and ONI Region. In addition, some information about characters and planets is presented to users on this page.

The current number of employees of the company, which four founders manage, is 230, according to CEO Michael Wagner. In addition, in the information given in the same statements, it is said that the company’s Discord community consists of 220,000 people. The support of Discord communities plays a huge role in such projects. In addition, the company currently has several business partnerships, including Animoca Brands, Solana, FTX, Yield Guild, and Serum.

Last month, another metaverse project, Saga, received a $3.6 million investment led by Animoca Brands. Also, Hologram recently announced that it had raised $6.5 million in seed funding.

In a published report, Google announced that players are most interested in the metaverse and curious about it. As this type of data increases, it is seen that companies are turning to metaverse-based games.

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