SuperPlay’s $500K daily Gamelight ad spend

User acquisition company Gamelight and game developer SuperPlay have teamed up to promote their hit titles, Dice Dreams and Domino Dreams. During collaboration since 2022, SuperPlay and Gamelight have partnered on multiple fronts to grow the existing and new user base, surpassing half a million $ daily spend.

The collaboration aimed to acquire new users for SupePlays’ two titles, Dice Dreams and Domino Dreams. The campaigns were active on iOS and Android in the US, the UK, Germany, France, Japan, Korea, Canada, Australia, Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands. During their run, data from 2 million users was analysed.

Achieved Results

Scaling Gamelight resulted in a direct impact on revenues and ARPU that Dice Dreams generates. This has increased the average ARPU of Dice Dreams on Google Play and Apple App Store by 15% and positively impacted the store rankings, resulting in an organic uplift.

  • Gamelight showed a 38% higher D30 ARPU than all other media sources.
  • Superplay has reached 100%+ ROAS profitability on fully matured cohorts.
  • Scaling Gamelight increased the total average ARPU on app stores by 15% across the whole game. 

Gamelight accurately predicted the users with the highest potential LTV for Dice Dreams and improved its store rankings by 48 positions in the Free Games US store charts.

Impressive long-term retention and ROAS growth were observed, with a D30 of +212%, a D90 of +387%, and +508% for D180

In conclusion, Gamelight and SuperPlay achieved these results thanks to:

  • Endless event postback window
  • 38 various in-game events shared
  • Dynamic events fired at each level pass
  • AI Targeting for optimization
  • High budget caps to scale

To deliver high-quality users, Gamelight uses a 4-layered solution. Gamelight has an extremely low fraud suspicion rate on MMPs, landing as low as <0.5% across all fraud categories. The general fraud prevention stack consists of the following layers:

– Gamelight’s self-published apps use the Singular Fraud Prevention Suite and block any user that looks suspicious.

– Every user will have to pass Gamelight’s Fraud Prevention Solution before being served game recommendations.

– SuperPlay uses AppsFlyer’s Protect360 solution as a first instance to analyze all clicks and installs.

– For further validation, Scalarr is used to validate that all requirements are met.

Special Events Activation

Beyond usual UA efforts, SuperPlay and Gamelight have teamed up to host various events throughout the year, coinciding with different festive seasons. By syncing Dice Dream’s in-game events with special rewards on Gamelight’s apps, the collaboration was taken to a whole new level with Halloween Special, X-Mas Boost and Valentine’s Day Special.

During the execution of the events, Superplay achieved an impressive +32% boost in revenues on Gamelight, as well as a user activation of +24%.


The long-term collaboration between Gamelight and SupePlay to promote their two titles, Dice Dreams and Domino Dreams, enabled both sides to reach new heights.

Through scaling Gamelight, harnessing its AI Algorithm, and hosting various events throughout the year, the collaboration achieved impressive ROAS Growth and ARPU milestones, effectively reaching and engaging with the target audience. As a result, Superplay has reached a 100%+ ROAS profitability on full matured cohorts and a +15% Increase in app store ARPU, improving their store rankings by 48 positions, Free Games (US) store charts.
Read the full case study here.

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