TapNation surpasses one billion downloads

French mobile game developer and publisher TapNation has achieved a milestone with over one billion downloads with its diverse game portfolio. The company celebrated this achievement on billboards in the famous Times Square.
tapnation's celebration ad in billboards in times square.

TapNation attributes this success to innovative applications like integrating prediction and machine learning pipelines. Hervé Montoute, CEO and co-founder of TapNation, expressed his gratitude for this accomplishment and explained:

“One billion downloads is hard to comprehend, especially when we think about the path that led us there! This success was made possible thanks to all the work of our team, but also the tools and processes we developed in-house to empower our employees.

We were convinced from day one that gaming would be a strong player in the AI space, so we also included prediction and Machine Learning pipelines whenever we could. We are incredibly grateful for the support of our players and look forward to continuing to deliver exceptional gaming experiences.”

In 2023, TapNation achieved recognition as a finalist for the Best Developer award at the 2023 PGC Awards and was featured in the prestigious French Tech 120 list. Despite these accolades, the company’s success remains firmly rooted in its creative team’s expertise.

Igor Zabukovec, Co-Founder and CTO at TapNation, highlighted the company’s culture and diverse team. He emphasized the team of engineers coming from different backgrounds and nationalities. Zabukovec TapNation’s team is global, just like its target market.

TapNation’s tech-driven approach involves seamless integration of the latest AI advancements, including ChatGPT and real-time user segmentation. This agile development philosophy allows TapNation to prototype quickly, keeping its games at the forefront of the industry.

Zabukovec explained, “We are like a lab, where we need to create and prototype things quickly — not in months but in weeks. Our tech team is built following this principle. This includes the data scientists but also our Unity developers, backend, and SDK — everyone!”

Looking ahead, TapNation has ambitious plans for 2023 and beyond, continuing its commitment to player-centric game development and prioritizing the needs of its dedicated fanbase. With a focus on technological advancements, TapNation aims to expand its tech stack and develop cutting-edge tools to achieve five billion downloads in the future.

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