The story behind scalable mobile games and the local creators’ global hits

TurkishStation released a documentary about the journey of Turkish mobile game industry.
The company used #UniquelyTurkish in SWSX 2022.

The mobile game industry has dominated the gaming market in the last ten years. This domination was due to an increase in smartphone coverage and fast internet. For the first time in history, companies & analysts could precisely observe user decisions, and developers could deliver intelligent products. The cooperation of the mobile industry and data science created an industry now worth 93 billion dollars. This amount is so much that both Hollywood and the music industry revenues combined can not come anywhere close.

In the last couple of years, the developing countries joined in the competition. Crews of 2-3 people can now produce their games and share them on digital platforms reaching millions of gamers. This dynamism has been captured by global game publishing companies specializing in investing in emerging talents. One such example was Turkey. In 2021, the mobile game industry investments surpassed the market cap of the biggest companies in the country.

The mobile game industry documentary broadcast at the festival draws attention to the effects of game companies in the global market.

The industry is stronger than ever with the new players joining in. The story of local studios from emerging markets has been told at SXSW. Their scalable mobile games’ secret sauce and the production details behind the mobile screen is not just the hard work of dedicated founders but the daily lives’ impact on their business.

TurkishStation released the democratization of the mobile gaming market documentary and the founders’ stories in a panel session at SXSW 2022. The documentary and the panel are powered  by Lion Studios by AppLovin, Masomo, MobileAction, and Sankonlin. You can watch the documentary above.

Mustafa Tandogan, TurkishStation’s community curator and the producer of the mobile gaming market documentary, mentioned, “mobile gaming market creates a global opportunity for underrepresented founders from all over the world, and we’re happy to cover this story’s Turkey part.”

Yagiz Alp Tekin, the documentary director and founder of Studio Frakt, said, “being part of the local game studios’ daily life and observing their production pace and dedication was inspiring.”

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