Founder Stories: The story of Cultic Games, one of the oldest games studios in Turkiye

Can Oral and Batuhan Avucan converse on the story of one of the oldest game studios in Türkiye.

Batuhan Avucan had a conversation with the Founder of the Cultic Games, Can Oral. They talked about many topics, including how the company was founded, its logo created, and the company logo designed. Oral also speaks about how his passion for developing games transformed from an enthusiasm for FRP tabletop games.

The Founder of the Cultic Games expresses that his love for these games and his enthusiasm to make others get involved and enjoy them let him gain experience in the narrative aspects of games. Combined with his education in cinema, his experience as a director, scriptwriter, and editor gave him a sense of immersive narrative. He also mentions his interactions with AAA game developers and a couple of scriptwriting attempts.

Can Oral continue the interview by addressing the difficulties the first time he was responsible for managing a team of developers, organizing the workflow, and the burden of being accountable to investors.

Then the conversation moves to Cultic Games’ successful game Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones, thereby their interesting Kickstarter campaign video. They detail Stygian and the company’s inspiration for the esoteric, cultic, hidden order concepts.

Can Oral and Batuhan Avucan discuss the changes in the game industry in the last seven years before offering advice to entrepreneurs with an aspiration to start a PC game company. He remarks some candid advice to entrepreneurs gained from personal successes and mistakes. This inspiring interview is approximately 45 minutes long and is in Turkish.

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