The top 10 most downloaded mobile games for the week of May 20-27, 2024

The diversity in this week’s top 10 most downloaded mobile games highlights the wide range of interests and preferences among mobile gamers.
wuthering waves

As mobile gaming top dogs barely change from month to month, the top downloaded games of the week reveal a mix of new releases and enduring favorites. From new games to old games that can now be considered “classic,” make up the top 10 most downloaded games of the week.

These rankings reflect the dynamic and ever-changing landscape of mobile gaming, where innovation and player engagement are key to climbing the download charts.

The top 10 most downloaded mobile games for the week of May 20-27, 2024, are:

Wuthering Waves, the free-to-play action role-playing game developed and published by Kuro Games, takes the top spot in its release week. The game has captured players’ imaginations with its stunning graphics, intricate storyline, and dynamic combat system.

Pizza Ready! has quickly risen in popularity after its release in 2023 and quickly became one of the games that gamers rejoice in. The game offers players a fun and fast-paced experience of running their own pizza restaurant. The game’s engaging mechanics of making and delivering pizzas while managing time and resources have made it a favorite.

Garena’s Free Fire and Free Fire MAX made the top 10, which is impressive for games that are considered to be past their heyday.

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