Magic: The Gathering’in yaratıcısı tarafından tasarlanan Brawlers Epic Games Store’a geliyor

Brawlers, Magic: The Gathering’in arkasındaki beyin Richard Garfield’la birlikte tasarlanan Web3 tabanlı, player vs player (PVP) bir kart oyunudur. Oyun Epic Games Store (EGS) oyunculara sunularak dünya çapında 230 milyondan fazla PC oyuncusundan oluşan geniş bir kullanıcı tabanına ulaşıyor.

Developed on the Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX) blockchain by Tyranno Studios, Brawlers finds itself alongside heavyweight AAA titles from major publishers such as Riot Games, Ubisoft, Rockstar Games, Epic Games, and Electronic Arts. With this move, Brawlers stepped into the digital arena of the Epic Games Store.

Tyranno Studios, WAX’s dedicated gaming studio led by Michael Rubinelli, a veteran of the game industry with 25 years of experience, has crafted Brawlers as a unique addition to the gaming landscape. Rubinelli, instrumental in the rise of the Free-to-Play business model, sees Brawlers’ debut on EGS as a significant milestone for Web3 adoption.

Brawlers introduces a Player-versus-Player mode conceptualized by Richard Garfield, known for his role in creating the iconic Magic: The Gathering. In Blockchain Brawlers, players engage in pro-wrestling-style matches, earning BRWL tokens that can be used to craft or acquire in-game content, offering a heightened gaming experience. The game fosters a player-centric approach, allowing full digital asset ownership and facilitating the trading, selling, or gifting of in-game items.

Garfield highlighted the unique aspect of Brawlers, stating:

“This opens up many new opportunities for developers to build successful Web3 games with living and breathing economies where each player is a full-fledged participant and avoids all the pitfalls of exploitative microtransactions.”

Michael Rubinelli, Chief Gaming Officer at WAX, remarked:

“Brawlers’ launch on such a massive traditional gaming platform as Epic Games Store is a truly momentous next step on our journey to the mass adoption of Web3, bringing all the benefits of full digital asset ownership to millions of hardcore PC gamers.”

The game boasts various features, including unique Brawlers and a limited-edition collection of NFTs. Cross-platform functionality is facilitated through NFT bridges to Polygon, Ethereum, and Binance’s BNB Chain. Moreover, every player downloading the game receives a complete set of “Free-to-Try” assets for a cost-free initial experience.

WAX has a history of onboarding significant brands into the Web3 space, collaborating with industry giants like Sony Pictures, AMC Theatres, Street Fighter, NASCAR, Atari, Funko, Hot Wheels, and Power Rangers. Brawlers’ debut on Epic Games Store further positions Web3 gaming at the forefront of mainstream gaming, emphasizing fairness, inclusivity, and a player-centric approach.

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