Traffic Escape! 10 milyon indirmeyi geride bıraktı

Fomo Games tarafından geliştirilen Traffic Escape! 10 milyon indirmeyi aştı. Oyunun geliştiricisi bu başarıyı resmi hesabından duyurdu.

Traffic Escape!, a puzzle game challenging players to navigate various traffic scenarios, was published by Fomo Games in August 2023, marking its entry into the global gaming market. Notably, the game has garnered significant success, particularly in English-speaking countries.

Recently, the developers celebrated a substantial achievement as Traffic Escape! surpassed 10 million downloads, signifying widespread popularity among mobile gamers worldwide. This milestone was acknowledged with appreciation for the dedicated efforts of the development team, acknowledging their talent and passion as crucial contributors to the game’s success.

The announcement extends gratitude to players, partners, and supporters who have contributed to the game’s journey. The developers express their commitment to advancing the gaming experience and ensuring continued excitement for the Traffic Escape! community.

The post notes that 40.3 billion cars have escaped the traffic, 89 billion coins have been collected, and 1.8 million levels have been passed while inviting more people to join the Traffic Escape! community, hinting at an opportune time to explore the challenges offered by the puzzle game.

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