Turkish games in the USA App Store charts

Six games from Turkey hit the top charts in the USA.
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App Store Amerika listelerine Türk oyun firmaları damga vurdu.

Six games from Turkey hit the top charts in the USA. They ranked as the most downloaded games on App Store.  Basketball Arena developed by Masomo, which made a fast entry to the list with its great marketing campaign in America, took the 2nd place.

National pride in the App Store charts!

Recently, there are lots of good news such as the launch of Royal Match with $50 million funding by Dream Games, and the investment of 3 million TL that Mafia Games has gotten. This time, the good news came from America. The 5 Turkish companies that entered the list of the 10 most downloaded mobile games in the USA made us proud. Our companies, officially ranked between the 2nd and 7th ranks.

app store en çok indirilen oyunlar amerika
6 of the top 10 are games from Turkey.

High Heels, which appears to be published by Zynga on the list, is actually developed by Rollic. Thus, Rollic is on the list twice with two games. While Masomo entered the list with its casual game, Basketball Arena, our other companies managed to be on the list with their hypercasual games. Hypercasual managed to capture 31% of the total market in 2020. Masomo, who runs a big marketing campaign in America, got the result of this work in a short time.

After these developments, İbrahim Akman, one of the Co-Founders of Masomo, made a statement on his social media accounts:

“Basketball Arena became the second most downloaded game in America after our campaign. But the other topic that makes us proud is that there are 6 Turkish-made games in the top 10.”

According to the situation seen in the March 9 report of the list, Masomo continues to rise and today, it took the second place by climbing two ranks in the list. On the other hand, Alictus fell one rank and took the 3rd. Ruby Game managed to hold its place and ranked as 5th. Rollic climbed 3 ranks and took 6th place. Good Job Games ranked 7th on the list.

According to today’s report, the current ranking of Turkish companies is as follows:

  • 2. Masomo | Basketol Arena
  • 3. Alictus | Deep Clean Inc 3D
  • 4. Zynga | High Heels! (Stüdyo: Rollic)
  • 5. Ruby Game | Handyman 3D
  • 6. Rollic | Bounce Big
  • 7. Good Job Games | Jelly Die

Other companies on the list are Supersonic in the 1st place, Tapinator in the 8th place, Roblox in the 9th place, which stated that they expect $1.5 billion in revenue in 2021, and Crazy Labs in the 10th place. It was great joy on behalf of our country that 6 games from Turkey are on the list, which currently includes 3 giant studios.

Masomo is doing a great job for the Basketball Arena

Before the news announced, İbrahim Akman talked about the marketing they will do for the Basketball Arena in his social media accounts. Within the scope of this work, he worked with influencers appealing to large masses in America and even all over the world. Some of these names are as follows; MrBeast, Pewdiepie, Dude Perfect, ZHC.

After this work with the biggest names of YouTube, we can see Basketball Arena at the top of the USA and other charts. As Mobidictum, we continue to follow the developments and news from the game industry quickly.

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