Ubisoft announced its first blockchain game Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles

The brand new PVP Tactical RPG experimental game will launch on Oasys blockchain.
Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles logo

French video game giant Ubisoft has announced its first-ever blockchain game Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles, the brand new PVP Tactical RPG experimental game on PC. The game will launch on Oasys blockchain.

There is not much revealed as of yet other than an announcement trailer and a short FAQ page on the game’s official website. The website’s tagline about the game says, “Assemble a team of mythical Champions, engage in thrilling tactical battles against other players, and discover the legends of the dark and mystical world of Grimoria.”

The game will be playable on PC through a dedicated game client, not on Ubisoft Connect.

Web3 games’ popularity was on a decline in recent months, but with the announcements from bigger companies like Ubisoft and Epic, there is a resurgence of popularity. Recently, Gods Unchained, the highest-grossing trading card game on the Ethereum blockchain, has debuted on Epic Games Store. The game is now available to 230 million players on the platform, who are most likely have not played a Web3 game yet.

A recent study on how gamers feel about Web3 technology revealed that 52% of Gamers aren’t familiar with any Web3 gaming terms, but one in every three Gamers has heard of “play-to-earn.” About 12% of Gamers tried Web3 games. About 41% of Gamers weren’t sure about how Web3 gaming would work. With the bigger names in the play, it is expected to see the bias against the Web3 games will be deteriorated.

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