Valve ramps up the production of Steam Deck

Production of Steam Decks is going faster than estimated as Valve starts shipping more than double the number of units per week.
Steam Deck's front view

If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on Valve’s handheld console Steam Deck, the company shared some good news this week. “Producing and shipping of Steam Decks doubled as of this week,” said Valve in a recent blog post.

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The gaming giant said they’ll be able to fulfill the demand for Steam Decks sooner than expected as most of the supply chain shortages are gradually clearing up, allowing Valve to produce the handheld console at a much faster rate.

The blog post also mentions that customers who were to get their Steam Decks in Q4 or later are bumped up to the August-September period and new orders will be fulfilled “solidly” in the three-month period starting October and ending December. However, if the queues fill up, later reservations will be pushed over into the next quarter, meaning next year.

Valve wants to ship Steam Decks in more countries

With chip shortages easing and other companies being able to deliver their electronic products at a faster rate, this doesn’t exactly come as a surprise, but it’s still good news. Valve aims to make Steam Deck available in more countries by the end of 2022, and the ramp-up in production will surely help with the firm’s goal.

At the moment, Valve is shipping Steam Deck to the United States, Canada, the European Union, and the United Kingdom, and they plan to launch the console in Japan next alongside other unnamed countries.

In other news, Valve made a drastic change in Steam’s image guidelines. The company announced that as of this fall Steam won’t allow review scores, award names, or discount texts on video game thumbnails.

There is also a new and untethered Steam Index VR headset in the works, at least that’s what the patent application made by the company suggests.

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