Wartales sharpens its blades on Xbox today

Wartales, the medieval open-world tactical RPG with more than 800,000 copies sold across Windows and PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch, leads its sellswords to Xbox and PC today.

Developer and publisher Shiro Unlimited invites everyone to lead their troop to glory in lands rife with peril from a century-long plague. Mercenary work is in high demand for souls brave or desperate enough to take on any job. Recruit a ruthless warband and collect bounties to keep your mercenaries’ pockets lined. Venture forth armed with a diverse arsenal of weapons and manpower. 

Survive by any means necessary, accepting quests and succeeding in challenging turned-based clashes. Hold one’s own against wild animals, calculating crooks, and corrupt peacekeepers, tactfully positioning party members to execute the perfect kill. Trek through snow-capped mountains and bustling kingdoms to uncover grave mysteries. 

Set up camp for the night to address the needs of the group: treating wounds, repairing armor, training sellswords, and eating a warm meal. Upgrade stats using skill points for each comrade and craft new weapons and shields to prepare for the next adventure. Travel through several regions on an everlasting journey to achieve a life filled with gold and infamy in this treacherous realm. 

Alliances are crucial for the warband’s survival. Team up with up to three other trusted comrades in a four-player co-op, complete with crossplay capabilities for Xbox and PC Game Pass users. Freely immerse in the content-rich open world on either platform simultaneously with the convenient cross-save feature.

Wartales is available now on Xbox and Xbox Game Pass as well as Nintendo Switch and Windows PC via Steam with English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Polish, and Portuguese language support. 

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