Wildlife Studios announces the launch of Sweden-based 8-Bit Bandits

The company adds another affiliated mobile game studio that will focus on creating new global mobile social experiences.
Logos of 8-Bit Bandits and Wildlife Studios over a light orange background

Wildlife Studios has announced a new affiliated mobile game studio in the form of Sweden-based 8-Bit Bandits. The company stated that the new studio will bring over 36 years of game development experience.

Stephen Jarrett and Robert Woodburn will helm the studio as Co-Founders. Jarrett’s 26 years of experience include working in games such as the Harry Potter series, Splatterhouse, Neopets, and Monkey Quest.

Woodburn, on the other hand, worked under the King banner for almost ten years in several different roles, such as Recruitment Manager, Design Operations Director, and Senior Producer. He will act as the Co-Founder and Studio Director of 8-Bit Bandits.

Stephen Jarrett shared thoughts and feelings about the collaboration:

“The partnership between 8-Bit Bandits and Wildlife Studios gives us the freedom to concentrate on creating compelling game experiences. The backing of experienced mobile game developers like Wildlife Studios gives us the creative support and autonomy we need, a publishing platform, and distribution expertise. There is an instant alignment of values on what makes a great game and a great studio”.

Robert Woodburn also made some valuable comments, stating:

“Over the years, even multiplayer games have begun to feel lonely and isolating. Partnering with Wildlife Studios lets us focus on creating games where people can play, connect, and create memories with friends and family.”

Wildlife Studios has managed to become one of the ten largest mobile game companies in the world, with offices in countries such as Australia, Brazil, Finland, Ireland, Israel, Sweden, Turkey, and the United States. The company recently opened up Helsinki-based Stellar Core Games, and with the addition of 8-Bit Bandits, it looks like Wildlife is gearing up to do some significant projects.

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