106 million plus 5G smartphones will be launched in 2021

5G-supported smartphone sales will generate $61 billion in revenue.
5g supported smartphones

It is estimated that more than 106 million 5G supported smartphones will be launched in 2021 and total technology industry sales will reach $487 billion. According to the comments of an industry expert named Rick Kowalski, 5G supported smartphone sales will generate $61 billion in revenue.

Kowalski made the following comments:

“After 2020, which saw a decline in the coverage of smartphones, major developments are expected this year. There is a stifled demand this year. People postponed their shopping last year because they were not on the go. They focused on home entertainment or home electronics. Moreover, this year, people are going out and 5G upgrades. There has never been a better time than this.”

Research shows that there are currently a lot of promotional opportunities on the part of the operators. Operators have invested a lot of money in 5G networks and now they want their customers. That’s why they do their best to lure customers with great phone deals. Customers may or may not enjoy the benefits of 5G depending on usage in their community. But over time, purchases should pay off.

With 5G, the demand for phone model upgrades will increase

Smartphones with 5G support will continue to see massive growth as consumer demand continues to rise, and many consumers will want to upgrade their phones to get a taste of this new technology.

5g supported smartphone
Smartphones with 5G support will be more accessible.

Overall smartphone shipments will increase 10% to reach 154 million units and generate revenue of $73 billion, up 15%. Devices like Apple Airpods and Samsung Galaxy Buds continue to see strong growth in 2021, with 88 million units expected to be shipped this year. This number represents a 27% increase over last year and revenue of $8.7 billion.

With many Americans still working from home, the record year-over-year growth trend in 2020 is expected to continue for laptops in 2021. Shipments for laptops are expected to reach 76 million units, an increase of 9%, generating $45 billion in revenue.

With the increasing popularity of 5G around the world, Kowalski says:

“Overall, we are seeing a very high demand for electronic devices. The biggest impact of this is due to the pandemic. We are starting to leave that stage last year where everyone needs home entertainment and computing devices to help them work, learn and have fun at home. The economy is recirculating, As many factors such as returning to offices, students returning to schools, and people roaming the streets are taking place in our lives again, we are seeing a trend towards mobile technology more and more.”

In addition, considering that 5G technology can provide ten times faster internet speed than traditional 4G, you can read our article with predictions and analysis on how 5G will affect mobile games, gamers, and the esports community.

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