AppsFlyer and Facebook Gaming launch an extensive gaming app guide

Apssflyer and Facebook Gaming ios 14+ report banner

The popular marketing analytics and attribution platform AppsFlyer joined forces with Facebook Gaming to share new insights to help marketers find success in the new privacy-comes first era that comes with iOS 14 and onward. The duo believes gaining player trust is a must to build a thriving brand/product.

The report starts by diving deep into the changes that came with the introduction of the App Tracking Transparency (ATT) framework back in 2020. It covers the changes for iOS users and iOS advertisers, then explains how these changes affect both parties.

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It includes tips, solutions and best practices coming from the marketing platform AppsFlyer and continues with Facebook Gaming’s insights on SKAdNetwork configuration, campaign setup, and campaign management recommendations.

AppsFlyer says alongside making a brand that’s built on trust, games should own the relationship with players and rethink how data is sourced in a privacy-safe way to create a value exchange for first-party data.

You can find the full report here. Mobidictum strongly recommends reading the full report, especially if you’re interested in creating up-to-date strategies for your gaming apps on iOS devices.

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