The Battle of Polytopia surpasses 20 million mobile downloads

The independent game studio Midjiwan announces that its flagship title, The Battle of Polytopia, has achieved a significant milestone of over 20 million downloads on mobile devices.
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Initially introduced as a Flash game in 2016, The Battle of Polytopia has evolved into a successful indie intellectual property (IP) with releases on platforms like Steam, Nintendo Switch, and even Tesla vehicles. However, its most prominent success has been on mobile, where it has amassed over 20 million organic downloads globally across the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Christian Lövstedt, General Manager at Midjiwan, remarked:

“By reaching more than 20 million players, we’ve proven that you don’t need to be aggressive with monetization to have a successful mobile game. In fact, that’s exactly why our game is a hit – we focus on providing great game play, not the business model. These values will continue long into the future as we continue to grow across platforms and explore potential future titles in the Polytopia universe.”

The game’s success on mobile is noteworthy, especially considering its genre as a 4x strategy game, a category typically associated with desktop gaming due to its complex mechanics. The Battle of Polytopia also differentiates itself from the majority of free-to-play mobile games by offering only expansions and cosmetics for purchase, all of which players retain permanently. The game is entirely skill-based and does not push or force the players to make any in-game purchases. It has garnered acclaim from both critics and gamers, receiving the “Excellence In Gameplay” accolade from the International Mobile Gaming Awards and earning an “Overwhelmingly Positive” rating from Steam users. Well-known figures such as MrBeast and Elon Musk are among publicly known fans of Polytopia, with the game available in Tesla vehicles.

Felix Ekenstam, Founder Game Designer at Midjiwan said:

“When I started making The Battle of Polytopia, I wanted to create the kind of game that I would enjoy, that wasn’t already available anywhere else. The idea was to build the best strategic game while blending it with the simplicity and accessibility you’d expect on mobile, but without all the aggressive monetization nonsense this audience hates. Now, 20 million downloads later, I think it’s safe to say my vision for the game has been validated. I’d like to give a big thank you to the fans who have stayed with us on our journey, and we’ve got a lot more coming down the road for The Battle of Polytopia that I think they and new players alike will love.”

Despite the remarkable success of The Battle of Polytopia, Midjiwan remains a small studio based in Stockholm. The studio allocates some of its game revenue to initiatives such as Solar Power and other charitable and sustainability projects. The Battle of Polytopia stands as an example that proves prioritizing gameplay quality and player-friendly monetization strategies can also be sustainable and profitable. 

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