Bidstack announces becoming a Unity Verified Solution

The Bidstack toolkit is now available to Unity developers through the Unity asset store, after being tested and verified by Unity engineers to ensure it meets quality and compatibility standards.
Unity logo, with the Unity verified tolution text

Bidstack is an in-game advertising and video game monetization platform that allows developers to enhance their virtual environments by placing realistic advertising, without interrupting the user experience. By becoming a Verified Solution, the Bidstack SDK is now made available in the Unity asset store for all Unity developers to use.

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Unity holds the largest portfolio of mobile partnerships in the industry. Content created with Unity is consumed by over 3.9 billion users globally. Bidstack already works with many Triple-A studios and developers, and the Verified Solution status it gained will now allow more Unity developers to easily access and use the Bidstack SDK in their games.

VP of Gaming at Bidstack, Antoine Jullemier commented,

“Our status as a Verified Solution from Unity signifies another milestone for Bidstack within the global game development ecosystem. Our world-class in-game advertising solutions have been rigorously tested by Unity, ensuring performance, stability, and security within its vibrant community-driven ecosystem. The Bidstack mission is to empower developers and publishers of all sizes, and across all platforms, with the ability to seamlessly integrate our pioneering non-intrusive advertising solutions into games, with zero impact on game performance. Bidstack currently works with leading Unity games such as Top Eleven, Mad Skills Motocross 3, Football Cup 2022, and Hollywood Story, which use our lightweight technology to open up additional revenue streams, enhance gameplay and increase player retention with non-interruptive ads.”

Jan Kalafut, Chief Executive Officer at InLogic Software, a leading Unity Developer and Publisher, added; 

“At InLogic, we are thrilled about this partnership between Bidstack and Unity. All of our games are developed in Unity, and the integration of the Bidstack SDK within them was always smooth. We hope that by Bidstack becoming a Unity Verified Solutions Partner, other studios will have the opportunity to adopt this monetization channel as we know for sure our users value the un-intrusive formats.”

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