Blockchain virtual reality platform Aftermath Islands receives $25 million investment

Aftermath Islands was founded by experienced names and managed to raise $25 million through their sale to LDA Capital.
Aftermath Islands
There are strong and experienced names behind the company.

Aftermath Islands raised $25 million from a token sale for metaverse projects. According to the information provided in the published press release, the company made this sale to LDA Capital.

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The company has 12.000 people on its Discord channel and 20 thousand followers on Twitter. The project does not prefer a DAO yet. The system will host real estate and NFTs and will use this money to accelerate its roadmap. The information published on their site says that the platform will host many events, guilds, and missions, and the game will be designed according to all scenarios, regardless of single or multiple.

There are two different purchasing options grouped as plot and parcel. You can visit the Aftermath Islands website by clicking here for more detailed information about these options.

Aftermath Islands managing director David Lucatch said the following about the game in a statement to GamesBeat:

“We’re building a metaverse based on Unreal Engine 5 graphics. So it’s a departure from the cartoon-based low-res graphics that everyone is used to. We’re also using pixel streaming. And we’ve already done over $2 million dollars in revenue from 6,000 purchases. What makes us unique is is we’ve sort of booked and bookended decentralization.”

In addition to being a member of the Forbes Business Council, David Lucatch is currently working as a co-founder and CEO at Liquid Avatar Technologies. Lucatch, which will transfer its experience in this industry to the company, has 35 years of knowledge.

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Currently, there are four people in the management of the company. Robert P. Cole as Head of Production, Craig McCannel as CFO, Lynn Cumiskey as CCO, and Cara Buckspan as Marketing Manager. In addition, Aftermath Islands was formed as a subsidiary of Liquid Avatar Technologies, co-founded by David Lucatch.

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