Samsung creates a new metaverse playground named Space Tycoon

Samsung continues to increase its breakthroughs in the field of gaming with the Space Tycoon experience area.
A Roblox character on the space station
Samsung has created a new metaverse experience.

Samsung takes an unexpected metaverse leap into with Space Tycoon. Samsung’s vision is to touch Generation Z users by offering many different experiences and game development opportunities in this area.

According to Samsung, people can create and use their own Samsung products on this platform. On this occasion, young players can communicate with each other and socialize in a virtual environment.

Jinsoo Kim, Vice President of Samsung Electronics Corporate Design Center, said that they “offered Gen Z a new virtual playground that they have never experienced before” and made the following statements:

 “Space Tycoon is designed to be a playground where many customers can experience unlimited possibilities of virtual spaces. We wanted to give our Gen Z customers a chance to experience Samsung products in a way they have never done before. We will continue to showcase content that can deliver more meaningful and entertaining digital experiences for both our current and future customers.”

Space Tycoon contains alien characters. The playground is designed as a space station and consists of three parts. While players can obtain resources in the mining area, the Laboratory section is used for production. In addition, as can be expected, there is a Store section in the area.

Samsung’s breakthroughs in the playground seem to have accelerated. In the past weeks, Samsung announced that it would participate in CES 2022 and integrate many applications such as Geforce Now, Xbox, and Stadia into its televisions through the Gaming Hub.

In addition, according to the information from Newzoo, the gold rush period continues at full speed in the metaverse. It is seen that Samsung participated in this attack from many branches. Samsung also participated in the investment tour of Planetarium Games, a blockchain game company.

The Roblox platform will provide access to the playground published by Samsung. You can click here to reach the Roblox playground of Samsung Space Tycoon, released in 14 languages.

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