CD Projekt Red announces five new Witcher games, a new Cyberpunk game and a new IP

A new Witcher trilogy, two Witcher spin-offs, and a brand new IP are in the works.
CD Projekt Red video game characters

The Polish video game giant CD Projekt Red announced a new Witcher trilogy, two Witcher spin-off games, a new Cyberpunk game, and an unnamed new IP (called Hadar for the time being).

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The video game maker revealed the news on its official social media accounts and shared codenames for each project alongside minor details on what to expect in the upcoming years from the company.

The Polish studio also announced that it will be working with some ex Witcher-veterans for the Witcher spin-off game, but didn’t say which third-party studio it will work with. Chances are CDPR will work with either Rebel Wolves or Dark Passenger, but considering how both companies are working on their very own titles, it’s hardly unlikely that they have the workforce to spare for a side project. Of course, over the course of years, CDPR sort of transformed into an academy, and the video games industry has a high number of ex-Witcher makers sharing their expertise on other titles. At this point, it’s a wild guess who this third-party studio might be.

All the new games CD Projekt Red announced

Here is the list of all new titles (well, codenames for each game) CD Projekt Red revealed today:

Orion: This is CD Projekt Red’s new Cyberpunk game, and it will take the franchise further. The gaming firm says this new title will harness the potential of Cyberpunk’s dark futuristic universe.

Polaris: This is the codename for the upcoming Witcher title and it’s already in pre-production. The polish gaming entity announced this one quite recently. Polaris will be the first game of a brand new trilogy; CDPR aims to release two more Witcher games after Polaris, two years apart. This new trilogy will be a new AAA RPG.

Canis Majoris: CD Projekt Red calls this project “a full-fledged Witcher game” and will be a separate game from the upcoming Polaris. Canis Majoris will be developed by a third-party studio but will have ex Witcher-veterans at the helm.

Sirius: Another Witcher game, but unlike any other CDPR ever produced. Codename Sirius will be developed by The Molasses Flood (a CD Projekt studio). Codename Sirius will have a single-player campaign and will offer multiplayer gameplay.

Hadar: This is the brand new IP the Polish company is cooking. CDPR didn’t share much about Codename Hadar, besides it being created from scratch within the studio and it’s still in the early stages of the creative process. This means the game isn’t being developed yet actively.

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