China continues to dominate the video game market in 2021

China managed to dominate the game market in 2021 in terms of downloads and revenue.
adjoe Mobile Games Index
Adjoe released the second report of the Mobile Game Index series.

According to data from the Mobile Game Index 2nd Edition published by adjoe and Statista, China generated $89.5 billion in revenue last year. The USA comes next with $58.3 billion, followed by Japan with $50 billion. Looking at other reviews, the number of app downloads in China in 2021 (58.1 billion) is almost equal to the rest of the world (59.7 billion).

However, when the data obtained are examined, it is observed that China will experience a decrease of -10.9% in downloads until 2025. Meanwhile, it is seen that there will be an increase of 12.3% in the rest of the world.

It is seen in the other table that the decrease in the number of downloads in China and the increase in the rest of the world will be reflected in the revenues in the same proportion. Looking at the timetable players spend in casual games, Africa stands out among the regions.

Africa, which has 26 million players, is followed by Europe with 23.7 million. However, if we look specifically at hyper-casual, it is seen that the Asia-Pacific region ranks first with 7.2 million.

If we look at the other table, it is seen that women play more games than men in all genres except hardcore.

Looking at the data obtained from 85 million users worldwide and more than 10,000 games in total, the most successful games in terms of their genres are as follows;

Hyper-casualCasualMidcoreHardoreSocial Casino
Chain Cube 2048: 3D merge gameHappy Color® – Color by NumberSAKURA School SimulatorSummoners WarSlots Casino – Jackpot Mania
Idle Arks: Build at SeaLudo Club – Fun Dice GameCraftsman: Building CraftAvakin Life – 3D Virtual WorldNeverland Casino: Vegas Slots
slither.ioParchisi STAR OnlineCar Parking MultiplayerUlala: Idle AdventureTongits Go-Sabong Slots Pusoy
Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo SafariTile Craft – Triple Crush: Puzzle matching gameCafeland – World KitchenGuardian TalesSlotpark – Online Casino Games
My Little UniverseLudo STARHome Design MakeoverThe Seven Deadly SinsJackpotjoy Slots: Casino Games
Top Titles by GEO (adjoe & Statista)
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