Clockwork Labs raises $22M for massive multiplayer role-playing title BitCraft

The studio raised $22 million in Series A funding led by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) to develop its anticipated community sandbox MMORPG.
bitcraft pre alpha
BitCraft pre-alpha registration has begun.

California-based Clockwork Labs announced it had raised $22 million from its Series A funding round. The money collected will be used for BitCraft, the studio’s new sandbox MMORPG game.

Venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, also known as a16z, led the investment round. It is also known the investor supports Clockwork Labs for a new database technology that has not been announced yet. This technology will also be used for BitCraft.

Before, Clockwork Labs raised $4.3 million for BitCraft in August 2021. However, the game’s name was not announced then and was referred to as a “community sandbox MMO.” Later, the company named the game BitCraft.

BitCraft has all the main mechanics of sandbox games. The game has a vast open world. Many contents such as deep skill system, crafting, city building, farming, and character progress will be the details that enrich the game.

The prominent feature of sandbox games is that they free the user. Unfortunately, some sandbox games sacrifice story and world content for this purpose. According to Clockwork Labs’ statement, BitCraft will not be one of such games. The game will also have a mysterious and full story for players who want to explore.

Clockwork Labs currently has 16 employees. The company never worked on a sandbox MMORPG before. For this reason, the company is advancing by listening to the players’ wishes. The company aims to fill the team gap, which can be considered small for such a large project, by using the latest technology.

BitCraft has started collecting applications for the pre-alpha. Players who want to test this sandbox game with its unique features and adorable graphics, alone or with friends, can sign up by going to the BitCraft website.

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