DreamCraft raises $10 million in Series A funding round

Game development platform DreamCraft has raised $10 million from its investment round.
DreamCraft will use the investment to improve its game development platform.

DreamCraft Entertainment offers a game development platform that makes it easy to make games even with limited programming knowledge. The company has raised $10 million from its Series A investment round. The investment will contribute to the development of the platform.

The funding round led by March Capital included Makers Fund, Dune Ventures, and Hiro Capital. With the investment, the company will make the game development platform more accessible to game developers. Alongside the development of the platform, the company’s developer team is also planned to be expanded.

The DreamCraft platform was founded in 2018. The company states its founding purpose as “to make the game development process significantly easier for any platform, especially for people who have a passion for building games but lack programming or art skills“. After the latest investment, the company received a total investment of 15.4 million dollars.

According to DreamCraft’s claim, the platform offers developers a content-rich environment for game development. It is claimed that even developers working as a single person can earn high incomes thanks to these opportunities.

Louis Gresham, Vice President of March Gaming, the company leading the tour, said:

“We’ve seen firsthand the magic that happens when hobbyists get their hands on what the DreamCraft team has built and realize they can fully develop and monetize a dynamic, high-quality game in mere months with exponentially less friction than any UGC platform or engine out there. We are thrilled to support Tianyin, Veronica, and the DreamCraft team with their mission to help every modder and map editor out their dream even bigger.”

The platform attracts those who want to make games without software knowledge and offers new and profitable opportunities for novice developers. DreamCraft’s investments play a decisive role in the future of the company. While the platform already keeps the developers in it, it seems to attract new users after the investment.

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