EA and TiMi Studios are working on a new Need for Speed mobile game

Recent job postings on Tencent’s website show TiMi Studios and EA working together on a new Need for Speed.
TiMi Studios EA Need for Speed
TiMi Studios is teaming up with EA for a new Need for Speed mobile game.

Recent job postings on Tencent‘s website indicate that Tencent’s sub-studio, TiMi Studios, and EA collaborate on a new online open-world mobile game called Need for Speed. In contrast, EA’s online mobile arcade racing series Need for Speed will be built on Unreal Engine 4.

The incident, noticed by Reddit users, appears to be seeking 3D animators, design experts, game managers, and project managers for the Shenzhen and Shanghai offices, according to the job listing on the Tencent Careers page.

The original job listing was published in Chinese, but according to the translated job posting, the following responsibilities are sought for one of the positions;

  • The design of the various gameplay modes of the big world realistic racing mobile game or the design of the racing 3C experience.
  • The compilation of various related design plans and demand lists.
  • The decision-making and follow-up of various tasks in the research and development process to ensure quality and smooth communication within the group
  • Advance and analyze statistical data, formulate follow-up optimization plans based on data and feedback, and follow up specific development

The job listing above indicates that the game can be developed as a mobile-only game and set in an open-world environment for players to explore

TiMi is best known for developing games like Call of Duty Mobile, Pokémon Unite, and Arena of Valor, all three of which are games made for mobile devices. Opinions are that with the inclusion of EA, a game similar to Need for Speed: World, which was released in 2010 and was very popular with users and was later closed, could be released.

Neither EA nor TiMi has confirmed this information, but we hope more information will emerge shortly.

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