Decentralized app development platform Bunzz raises $4.5M

The platform is considered one of Asia’s largest decentralized app dev infrastructures.

Dapp development platform Bunzz has announced the completion of a $4.5 million seed round. The round saw investments from Gjmp, DG Daiwa Ventures, Coincheck, and Ceres.

According to the press release, the funding will help build out Bunzz’s Smart Contract Hub, which more than 8,000 decentralized app developers already use. Over 3,000 decentralized app projects have been deployed on-chain, making it one of Asia’s largest decentralized app development infrastructures.

The company stated that top-tier landmarks have recognized the platform as a significant infrastructure service in the smart contract development industry. It has been featured on the Web3 development infrastructure chaos map published by Coinbase.

Kenta Akutsu, CEO & Co-Founder of Bunzz, commented:

“Bunzz ultimately aims to become Web3’s equivalent to Docker Hub. Immutable smart contracts on the blockchain are open programs, also called “public goods,” because anyone can access and use them without permission.

“However, the usage flow and the logic of their operation are difficult to understand, making it inconvenient for engineers who want to reuse them. Bunzz aims to solve this problem by incentivizing creators of smart contract modules to create more accurate coding and documentation.”

Bunzz claims it has simplified the previously complex development process by providing frequently used contracts as modules, wrapping the preparation of nodes, and launching the development environment.

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