Fan-made GTA 5 mod features AI-powered NPCs

Take your role-playing to the next level with Sentient Streets, an AI-powered story mode of GTA 5.
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Veteran modder “Bloc” has released an amazing AI-powered mod for GTA 5 called Sentient Streets, a unique mod powered by the Inworld AI Character Engine. This unofficial story mod offers a unique experience separate from the main story of GTA 5, and one of the most important features is its AI-powered NPCs.

In this unique GTA 5 story mod, players will play as a law enforcement officer of the Los Santos Police Department (LSPD). Also, you will be able to select one of three unique partners with different characteristics. Players will face some challenges along their shifts like interacting with criminals and getting forced to make critical decisions.

One of the most unique features of the Sentient Streets mod is you don’t have to stick with plain methods and make your own decisions while doing your job. Players can use persuasion tactics to defuse tense situations and use creative strategies to extract information from criminals. You can even walk the way of corruption by accepting bribes.

NPCs in Sentient Streets are powered by the Inworld AI Character Engine with ElevenLabs Voices. Inworld AI is an alternative to ChatGPT which lets game developers go beyond simple dialogues. Bloc, the developer of this mod, claims that Sentient Streets uses 30+ AI models that players can have open-ended conversations with cult members, cunning police officers and unsuspecting civilians.

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