MoonGaming and Nefta partner for Web3 strategy game Medieval Empires

The game will be free-to-play and include land sales.
Nefta ve Medieval Empires logoları yan yana

MoonGaming, the name behind the Web3 strategy game Medieval Empires, has partnered with Web3 technology company Nefta. Medieval Empires is a multiplayer strategy game set in 13th century Turkey. The game will tell the story of the Kayi tribe leader Ertuğrul Gazi and the future King of England, Edward 1st.

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It fulfills its commitment to sustainability by enabling game developers on the Polygon network to keep their energy costs and carbon footprint low. Due to its nature, the Polygon network excels in low gas fees, security, and speed.

The game will be completely free to enter and will include land sales. In addition, the game will be published on PC, Mac, iOS, and Android platforms and offers players cross-platform support.

Geeshan Willink, CEO and Co-Founder of Nefta, said:

The team at MoonGaming have got the experience and backing to create an excellent Web3 product and we are delighted to announce our partnership with them to help create Medieval Empires. By removing the roadblocks commonly found in Web3 gaming projects we can offer a comprehensive, end-to-end solution and foster the next generation of Web3 games.”

These lands, which provide different resource production and attribute upgrades, are divided into six tiers. Apart from Tier 0, which is reserved for new players, five top tiers are available for purchase. It is also possible to upgrade the lands you have with certain NFTs.

MoonGaming CEO Jan Berkefeld added:

“Team Medieval Empires is looking forward to providing the next-gen blockchain gaming experience to all – thanks to our strategic cooperation with Nefta. We are glad to have an experienced team assembled with crypto megastar Carl ‘The Moon’ Runefelt at the helm and with actor Engin Altan Düzyatan as the face of this game. Together we are working to create something unique in the Web3 gaming space.”

In the game, which will take place in 13th century Turkey, Ertuğrul Gazi from the Kayı tribe will deal with Future King of England Edward I, who carried out a successful crusade across Europe. Also, Mongols and many different tribes will be added to the game in the future.

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