Games Factory is getting ready for the Games Job Fair Spring 2022!

Games Factory Talents is organizing Games Job Fair Spring 2022, focusing on employment in the game industry.
Games Job Fair 2022 is on April 27-29!

Games Factory organizes Games Job Fair Spring 2022 to discover and develop new talents and increase experience sharing in the industry. More than 1000 talents and speakers from all over the world will come together at the event.

Many topics will be covered at the online event on April 27-29. During the event, companies will gain the new talents they need, while job seekers will have the opportunity to find a job according to their interests.

Games Job Fair Spring 2022 highlights

The fair, expanding rapidly in Europe, will host many guests from countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, and England. Industry giants such as InnoGames, King, Yager, Northern Stars, MAG Interactive, Tactile Games, and Supercell are among the studios participating in the event.

Some of the highlights of the fair are as follows:

  • Recruitment focus for the games industry
  • Talks by industry heavyweights
  • Networking between peers, speakers
  • Career level-up with expert advice
  • New insights into the games industry

This event will shed light on the industry’s inner workings for professionals and newbies alike. There will be many opportunities for those who want to develop a career, make connections, keep up to date with current issues and learn about the job search processes.

Prepare your portfolio!

A special panel will be held at Games Job Fair Spring 2022, sponsored by ArtStation. In this panel, an expert team will examine seven portfolios selected from among the participants’ submissions. After the review, unique recommendations will be given to those who send portfolios, and a job opportunity will arise.

Those who want to send a portfolio must first register for the event. The registration process is quite easy. Talents who want to participate in the fair just need to fill out the registration form before the application deadline. They will then receive an email with details and the platform where the event will occur. After completing the registration, they can submit their portfolios by filling out the portfolio review form.

There is a separate form for studios that want to participate in the event. Studios can easily apply via this form by following the relevant steps.

In addition, the “Art Challenges” event will be held at the fair. These challenges will provide opportunities for event attendees to showcase their artistic and creative skills, receive rewards and stand out.

Job seekers need to attend events in the game industry. The opportunities they will encounter at the events can be a good career start. In this sense, the fair of Finland-based Games Factory Talents seems to be an important opportunity.

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