Goodgame Studios sets up publishing department: War Alliance is launched

Goodgame Studios, a leading German mobile game developer on browsers and mobile devices with over 500 million registered players, is opening its publishing department on its way to become an international mobile game publisher.
Goodgame War Alliance
Goodgame Studios wants to add the publishing field to its successful portfolio.

With the release of War Alliance, Goodgame Studios became an official publisher. The company, which entered the international publishing competition, established strategic partnerships with Microsoft and Huawei this year. Following these partnerships, Goodgame Studios undertook the publishing of War Alliance, a real-time mobile strategy game developed by Berlin-based Magnific Games.

In War Alliance, players fight in multiplayer battle arenas by controlling powerful heroes. The game successfully handles the characteristics of its genre by offering content such as hero power-ups, fun and competitive challenges. It has been published by War Alliance Goodgame Studios and can be downloaded from app stores.

War Alliance
War Alliance was released on mobile markets by Goodgame.

Goodgame’s new publishing team consists of industry experts with decades of experience in the operational management of video games. The team will be led by Nina Müller, Head of Publishing, who previously led the Live Operations Management department at Bigpoint and Goodgame Studios and is an active volunteer at the Gamecity Hamburg prototype demo program. Müller will be supported by Caglar Eger, Director of Platform Relations and Partnerships.

Müller spoke about the task given to her as follows:

“I am looking forward to building out an exciting and efficient publishing division within Goodgame Studios. Using our successful portfolio, our knowledgeable team and the strength of War Alliance, I believe we have the perfect mix to create new hits within the market.”

The company’s publishing department will focus on discovering potential developers and building lasting partnerships through intense collaboration. In this process, Goodgame Studio makes arrangements in many areas covering many areas, including product management, business development, performance marketing and business intelligence. In all these steps, the company aims to increase the scaling of free games and offer wider support by making use of its experts.

Johann Caron, Co-Founder and Technical Art Director of Magnific Games, comments on the subject:

“In Goodgame Studios, we managed to find a real partner who offers extensive knowledge and experience that will help exhilarate the publishing of War Alliance, bringing the game to even more players worldwide. We look forward to collaborating with our colleagues in Hamburg over the next many years.”

Goodgame Studios will support developers using their experience and knowledge in monetization, quality assurance, community management and support. It will also offer unique contract negotiations, in-depth marketing optimization for eligible channels and app store views. As can be seen from all this, the company states that it will make great efforts to create a “full publishing service”.

Offering games in 26 different languages, Goodgame Studios is already among the successful mobile game makers with more than 500 million players. With the opening of the publishing department, the company is expected to further expand its capacity.

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