GuildFi raised $140 million and rebranded as Zentry

GuildFi, a notable web3 gaming guild, has undergone a strategic rebranding and is now known as Zentry. The decision follows the company’s successful fundraising efforts, having secured $140 million.

Prominent investors including Binance Labs, Coinbase Ventures, Animoca, Pantera Capital, Hashed, and more, contributed to the investment. With this transformation, Zentry aims to pioneer a universal Superlayer, connecting the world’s gamers across various platforms and experiences into a cohesive Play Economy.

The newly introduced Superlayer by Zentry is envisioned to seamlessly integrate loyalty systems, gamer identities, and activities spanning multiple games and platforms. This innovative technology endeavors to unite the fragmented landscape of Web3 and Web2 games, social media platforms, and real-world activities, fostering a global community of gamers while creating a novel gaming experience.

Jarindr Thitadilaka, Founder and CEO of Zentry, highlighted the initiative’s transformative potential, stating, “We’re reshaping how gamers are recognized and rewarded by enabling how a player’s gaming activities benefit their real-world self and their real-world actions to boost their digital self. This will usher in a fundamental shift in the gaming industry, where profits will flow from corporations to players.”

Zentry’s ecosystem is designed to extend beyond the typical decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), featuring a story-driven and evolving product ecosystem. Comprising four vertically integrated cores, including blockchain infrastructure, consumer apps, IP-rich worlds, and a robust treasury, Zentry aims to offer an open universe enriched with diverse content and experiences.

Thitadilaka further emphasized the broader ambition of Zentry, stating, “Zentry aims to unite the silos in gaming and also bridge the silos between our physical and virtual lives. It’s all about gamifying daily life because most people’s ‘real’ life includes untold hours spent online.”

Zentry has introduced a token conversion program to mark this rebranding, allowing holders of the original GuildFi token ($GF) to convert to the new Zentry token ($ZENT) in a 1-for-10 split. With a treasury exceeding $100 million and strategic relationships with leading Web3 properties, Zentry is positioned to become a dominant player network and distributor in the gaming, entertainment, and lifestyle sectors.

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