How blockbuster movies are boosting mobile game revenue

By integrating blockbuster films into mobile games, developers can enhance player engagement, reach a broader audience, and increase revenue.

GameRefinery, a mobile game analytics company by Liftoff, shared an article that shed light on how mobile games have become an effective platform for movie marketing.

Blockbuster movies can boost mobile game revenue by leveraging the movie’s existing fan base, generating excitement through tie-ins and promotions, and continually engaging players with relevant content and events. When executed effectively, this synergy can result in a significant increase in mobile game revenue.

These types of movies also generate immense hype and have dedicated fan bases. By releasing a mobile game alongside the movie launch, developers tap into this existing excitement, leading to higher download rates and in-app purchases.

According to GameRefinery’s analysis, a quick overview of successful movie-mobile game crossovers this year:


  • Stumble Guys hosted a Barbie-themed event that doubled daily revenue in the US.
  • Rec Room introduced Barbie and Ken outfits.
  • Lily’s Garden tapped into Barbie’s popularity with a themed sale.


  • Match Masters’ collaboration with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles saw the game boost daily revenue by 4x. At the same time, Roblox launched a TMNT game to capitalize on the movie release. 
  • Marvel Snap saw dramatic revenue spikes in the US at the beginning of May and June following the movie-themed updates.

Super Mario

  • Super Mario Run offered free stage unlocks, resulting in a 200% increase in daily revenue and downloads.

The full report can be read on GameRefinery’s website.

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