Hyper-casual game development and publishing processes – MBC 2022

Ege Sirman from Kwalee and the Sinerjisoft team shared their experiences on hyper-casual development and working with publishers at Mobidictum Business Conference.

Kwalee’s Game Designer, Ege Sirman, Sinerjisoft CEO Alpaslan Kılıçkaya, and Lead Game Developer Muharrem Dedeoğlu attended the Mobidictum Business Conference. The trio discussed the production and publishing processes of hyper-casual games.

Experienced names started the conversation by sharing how they got into the hyper-casual game industry and how they enjoyed the creative nature of the industry. Afterward, Dedeoğlu stated that the most important features they look for in publishers are listening ability, open-mindedness, and being able to contribute to the idea and development process of the game.

Underlining that Kwalee and Sinerjisoft work together in launching hyper-casual games, the team talked about the processes of this cooperation. Dedeoğlu stated that they held weekly idea meetings and presented the concepts that the game designers were working on to Kwalee after a screening and commented that afterward, the ideas matured positively.

Sirman asked the Sinerjisoft team about their prior experience with publishers. Stating that they worked with two or three different publishers simultaneously for a while, Kılıçkaya said that their focus was scattered during this period and that each publisher’s expectations were completely different.

The experienced game designer’s final question was about the goals of Sinerjisoft in 2023. Kılıçkaya stated that they will start making games on a global scale by expanding the team according to its needs. Noting that they wish to strengthen the game developer and designer crews, Kılıçkaya said that it is more accurate for employees to focus on their work by operating layer by layer. You can reach the complete session along with more relevant content by clicking the button below.

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