Hypermasters celebrates the first anniversary of World War Armies

Hypermasters celebrates World War Armies’ first anniversary and achievements with in-game events and future plans.
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International game development studio, Hypemasters, is celebrating the first anniversary of the global release of “World War Armies.” The studio expressed gratitude towards players for their support and friendship during this exciting year filled with achievements and connections. 

Hypemasters highlights the achievements driven by the steadfast support of its player community. World War Armies is approaching 3 million downloads across various platforms, showcasing the global trust of players. The game can now be found on App Store, Google Play, Huawei App Gallery, and Xiaomi Get App.

Implementing a comprehensive live-ops system manages events, in-game offers, Battle Pass, and regular content updates, enhancing the player experience. New additions to the content include the Lost Stronghold map, over 100 skins, and 30 units such as Sniper, 8.8 Flak, and the unique paratrooper unit. The 2×2 mode enables players to engage in epic battles side by side, fostering solid bonds in the team play. Hypemasters has improved maps, 3D unit models, shaders, and VFX, delivering a visually stunning experience.

With over 40,000 members on Facebook, Instagram, and Discord, Hypemasters has built an engaged community. The community recently organized the first World War Armies tournament, promoting friendly competition. Hypemasters remains dedicated to excellence, ensuring seamless content uploads with adjustments for device performance and implementing CDN.

CEO & Co-founder, Boris Kalmykov, expressed immense gratitude and enthusiasm for the remarkable achievements of Hypemasters and World War Armies, stating:

 “The past year has been an incredible journey of shared victories. We are immensely proud of the passionate community that has formed around World War Armies. Looking forward, we are committed to continuously pushing boundaries of World War Armies and the RTS genre, crafting unforgettable experiences, and building a global gaming legacy together.”

To celebrate the 1st World War Armies anniversary, Hypemasters has planned an in-game event with giveaways. A collaboration with IK-sound and the Budapest Scoring Orchestra has crafted an immersive musical experience, transporting players into the heart of battle.

Looking ahead, Hypemasters announces the expansion of World War Armies into a cross-platform game, making its debut on PC platforms within a year. This expansion reflects the studio’s commitment to embracing new horizons and providing players with freedom in platform choice.

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